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German, French, English, English as a Foreign Language
'Staatsexamen': German degree in English, French, Education and Pychology; comparable to a combined Master's degree and PGCE
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I am a fully qualified MFL teacher and have achieved great successes with beginner classes up to A Level classes in French, English as a Foreign Language as well as German. I am a native German, but have lived in the UK for almost 10 years. I have a Masters of Arts from the University of Munich in English, French, Education and Psychology. I also worked in a management consultancy for over 7 years with clients all over the world and have used my language abilities in a business context. I am a certified coach and have helped people to leverage their natural talents and strengths to achieve success in various aspects of life.

I also follow this strengths-based approach when it comes to tutoring students. With a clear focus on the individual’s interests and natural strengths, I build confidence and trust. With a tailor-made approach I inspire and motivate my students to achieve their full potential. I am good with a range of ages and experience levels, and I enjoy helping teenagers achieving their GSCE or A-Level results as much as teaching adult students at a very high level or business German or English.

Having gained a post-graduate teaching qualification recently, I am equipped with the latest concepts and methods of Modern Foreign Language Teaching and I have my own repertoire of innovative and inspiring material to draw from. I also use film, songs, games, literature and other material to train the pupil’s competencies which allows for a holistic approach to improve the listening, reading, speaking and writing capabilities of each student and bring the culture closer to them.

When it comes to tutoring I am patient and always put the student at ease. Progress, however small or big, will be recognized to motivate them further. The student’s needs will always direct my lesson planning.

I taught English and French at secondary and grammar schools in Munich, Germany. I also taught German at comprehensive schools, the German Saturday School in London as well as language institutes.

For over 12 years I have successfully tutored German, French and English to pupils that needed help at secondary school and to professionals that wished to improve their language skills because they moved to another country or needed it for business.

I offer online lessons via Skype but I will also travel to homes close to N16 and students are also welcome to come to my house. Please get in touch so we can discuss your needs and come up with a plan that will guarantee your or your children’s success.
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Nachhilfe in 3D-Programme: Inventor und SolidWorks. Nachhilfe in 3D-Programme: Inventor und SolidWorks.


Sehr erfahrene Sprachlehrerin (Muttersprachlerin) in München-Milbertshofen Sehr erfahrene Sprachlehrerin (Muttersprachlerin) in München-Milbertshofen
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